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A Nostalgic Lens

          A Nostalgic Lens is Peter Wurdock’s sixth book. It is a black and white photo study
          complimented with  short, poignant essays detailing his life in the Eastern Upper Peninsula
          since leaving Metro Detroit. His photos and short narratives illustrate how life in the UP
          with his beloved Greyhounds has been anything but mundane.

         In the book he describes places he knows well but are not found in a travel brochure.  
         These observations are beautifully and carefully woven with very few words leading readers
         to arrive at the universal conclusions about what makes life in the slow lane worth living.

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        Hardcover; 84 pages, 90 photographs.

        $20.00, includes shipping.



Between The Cottages

         In his book, Between the Cottages, Peter Wurdock provides an enduring look at
         vacation life in southeastern Wisconsin. Within its pages he reveals his up-close and
         personal exploration of the quaint beauty found on Lake Delavan. This story is told
         by a writer whose family has been a part of this unique community for over 100 years.

         The original book was 46 pages. The new and expanded version is a limited edition
         hard cover book, consisting of 130 pages. It includes the original book, plus historic
         photographs along with family essays and stories detailing what vacation life has been like
        during his family’s first 100 years in Assembly Park.

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 130 pages, hard cover, full color.  Now available, $36.00, includes shipping. 


 Love will Steer the Stars
(the History of the Dondero Pop Concert)

Wurdock’s latest work has been hailed as the beautiful juxtaposition of  “Mr. Holland’s Opus”
and “The School of Rock.” “Love will Steer the Stars (the History of the Dondero Pop Concert)”
is the uplifting story of how a groundbreaking teacher, Mr. Rick Hartsoe, integrated contemporary
Rock and Roll in his teaching and why he used this method for nearly forty years.  His visionary
leadership produced an enduring tradition among friends that has only become stronger over time.

As the world changed around them, the students and alumni at Dondero High School in Royal Oak, Michigan were changed by the power of rock and roll and that change was fueled by a very special
teacher.  For almost four decades, from 1967 – 2006, Rick Hartsoe achieved what few teachers are
ever able to accomplish.  He intuitively tapped into and cultivated his students’ talents motivating
and inspiring them to hit previously unattainable heights.  With a passion and devotion rarely seen
Hartsoe led the choir programs at Dondero High School enriching the lives of his students and their children.

$25.00, includes shipping.


Bending Water and Stories Nearby

What goes through the mind of a dying hunter as his brother tries to get him
to hold on? What's the truth behind a radio operator's encounter with a ghost
ship on Lake Superior? What happens when a message in a bottle reaches an
unintended recipient, and how does a distraught widow, who is teetering on
the edge, deal with the prospect of a bullet to her brain? Those are just some of
the narratives that will make Bending Water and Stories Nearby a book you
will treasure and share with your "friends up north," for years to come.

232 pages, full color. Blue Boundary Books 2013:
$17.50, includes shipping.



Places I Hide

In Places I Hide, writer, poet and photographer Peter Wurdock takes the reader on an
intimate and bracing sojourn through the largely untrammeled beauty of Michigan’s
Upper Peninsula. He combines a poetic sensitivity with an eagle’s eye for sights that can only
be found off the beaten path. Places I Hide takes you from the rumble of Tahquamenon Falls
to the soft tranquility on and around Muskallonge Lake in Luce County. It explores the many
faces and wide grandeur of Lake Superior and quiet beauty near Newberry, Munising and
Grand Marais. It is a collection of photography and words that offer an uncommon combination
of beauty and emotion, using nature as a backdrop. This large, full color book is one worthy of
your coffee table or for anyone you know who loves the Upper Peninsula.
Includes 4 hand crafted, color greeting cards and envelopes ($16 value) and a bookmark.

Softcover edition, full color 72 pages. $25 includes shipping.
Limited edition hardcover, full color, 72 pages. $32 includes shipping.
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The Upper Peninsula Trilogy

         This specially priced package contains all three of Wurdock’s Upper Peninsula offerings,
         with an original MSRP of $62 if purchased separately. These books feature his early poetry,
         short prose and vivid photographs, one of a kind artwork, a short story anthology and select
         non-fiction. Included in this collection is his award winning UP Notable book, “A Nostalgic Lens,”
         his first volume of short stories, “Bending Water and Stories Nearby” and the newly reissued
        “Places I Hide,” coffee table book. Each one is signed.

         The package also includes a set of five full color, hand crafted greeting cards ($20 value) and a
         commemorative bookmark.
        $42 includes shipping.

Ashes, Art, Heroes and Heart

Jewish Senior Life of Metro Detroit has released “Ashes, Art, Heroes and Heart,”
the story of the Hechtman fire. Authored by Peter Wurdock, the book details the
devastating fire of April 9, 2008 that left 93 West Bloomfield seniors homeless.
Miraculously no residents were injured during the rescue.

“From the day of the Hechtman fire and for the next two years, I took photos, jotted
down notes and make a journal to document some of what I saw, “ Wurdock recalls.
“Because of the enormity of it all, this book is only part of what happened, as many of
the stories and other personal accounts were far too detailed to mention. It was a
moving experience for everyone involved.”

         Currently out of print. 

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Where The Heart Remains

Where the Heart Remains is a collection from Wurdock's first five books published
between 2007-2017. It contains both fiction and non-fiction as well as photos.


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I wrote it on the Internet, so I KNOW it's true

Inspired by today’s constant stream of fake news and erroneous information being spread on social media, author Peter Wurdock has decided to take matters into his own hands with his new book I WROTE IT ON THE INTERNET SO I KNOW IT’S TRUE.

The book is a series of essays, musings and photographs on subjects both whimsical and serious that are near and dear to him. From 2007-2017 Wurdock wrote five books. Prior to them he wrote dozens of articles and took photographs that appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and blogs, all published locally, regionally and a few, nationally.

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